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We Put God First

The Florida Republican Assembly (FRA) believes everything else will fall into proper place by reforming the Republican Party with Judeo-Christian Conservative Constitutionalists with the Courage to do what’s right!

Florida Republican Assembly

Florida Conservatives

Florida Republicans

Florida Conservatives

Florida Republicans

Local Action With National Unity

The National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) was established to be a “bottoms up” organization, with the strength and the power in the community chapters, not the state or national organizations. The local chapters have 3 pillars that connect us at the national level.


Community Development

Chapters get involved in their community with such projects as helping the poor, veteran outreach and community beautification.


Legislative Development

Chapter committees work to build legislative partnerships that introduce, reform and block legislation at the local, state and federal levels.

Candidate Development

Replace RINOs with Judeo-Christian Conservative Constitutionalists with the Courage to do what’s right for this great nation.

Community Development

We bring all walks a life together assisting veterans, impoverished, and homeless. Provide informational resources that encourages and empowers people to be self-sufficient.

Adopt a local pantry and encourage members to volunteer to help with food distribution as needed. Adopt an area in the community and encourage members to help pick up trash as part of our beautification projects.

Pounds of Food to the Local needy

Legislative Development

We establish a variety of committees to address real issues that are having a negative impact on our society.

Identify and analyze problems as well as provide recommendations that solve the issues as well as review statutes that need to be updated and or implemented.

Voter Integrity

Health & Medical Freedom

Grid Security

New Voter Registration

Cyber Security

Veterans Outreach

School Board & Education

January 6th Defense

2nd Amendment

Sanctity of Life

Faith Outreach

Local  Business Outreach

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Candidate Development

We provide valuable candidate training to those who support Christian, Conservative, Constitutionalist and Courage values as well as do what is right for our great nation. In addition, replace RINO’s fail to support the U.S. Constitution, uphold their oath of office, and OUR inalienable rights.



FRA is constantly looking for qualified candidates that would like to serve at the local, state, and federal levels.



FRA will train and continue to mentor you through your candidacy.



FRA trains candidates on how to legally fund raise and help you get started.



Leverage FRA’s networks to launch your candidacy at the local or state level.

Latest news

FRA is not just bringing you the news, but we also make it happen.

Palm Beach County Joins FRA!

The Florida Republican Assembly welcomed its newest chapter Tuesday January 30 at its first meeting in West Palm Beach.  The Republican Assembly of Palm Beach County at its opening event, began with notable conservative talk show host C.L. Bryant as guest...

The GOP House Finally Grows a Pair

The GOP House Finally Grows a Pair

Lou Marin, VP of Florida Republican Assembly speaks about the Speaker of the House elections See the full article here: https://www.americaoutloud.com/the-gop-house-finally-grows-a-pair/



The Florida Republican Assembly is auditing ERIC, the "electronic information registration system" which has produced bloated voter rolls in its member states. Florida is one, and its rolls have topped 100% of all possible citizens of voting age.The inaccuracies of...

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”The best symbol of grassroots worker I can think of is the Republican Assembly…[NRFA’s] thousands of dedicated men and women are the ones who turn all those modernistic campaign deives into real votes.

[NFRA] provides the nucleus of the Republican candidate’s volunteer work brigade. I know from personal experience. It’s hard to imagine my campaigns being anywhere near as successful as they were without the dedication of Republican Assembly members. I urge you to join today.”

President Ronald Reagan

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