HB 7067: ELECTIONS AMENDMENT Recommendations


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Dear FRA Family, Friends, Partners, and Colleagues,

UPDATE – Friday, April 21st, 2023 @ 11am

The House Rules Committee 850-717-4880

HB 7067 (the election bill) has not been put on a Special Order to be heard as of yet.

We looked at the Special Order letter from yesterday. Basically, the bill has been postured to go to the House floor but it has not yet been scheduled.

When it is put on a Special Order by the Rules Committee, the information such as Amendment Filing Deadline will be posted.

We need to call FL Speaker of the House, Paul Renner and let him know how important this legislation is to you.
(850) 717-5019
Contact Page:

His District Aide:
Shannon Shephard
(386) 446-7644

HB 7067 is going before the State Affairs Committee to consider 15-amendments (see below).  It is critical that you CALL and EMAIL committee members and encourage them as follows:



1.       a1 – Wet Signature – ABSOLUTELY YES!


2.       a2 – Compliance Engine – ABSOLUTELY NO!  This would add additional security holes as well as add additional costs to our elections. We just need to hold our local Constitutional SOEs accountable.


3.       a3 – Exempt ID Requirement – ABSOLUTELY YES!


4.       a4 – List Maintenance Requires Checks to Residency – ABSOLUTELY YES!


5.       a5 – List Maintenance Removal Upon Reliable Info – ABSOLUTELY YES! Would allow citizens to also bring forward information on voter roll maintenance since it adds “reliable sources” instead of “official sources”


6.       a6 – May Use Hand Counting – ABSOLUTELY YES! The option to hand count ballots will be both a money saver for smaller counties/precincts as well as start rebuilding the faith in our election systems.


7.       a7 – Remove VMB Request via phone – ABSOLUTELY YES! This is good since there are very few security checks and balances when accepting VBM requests over the phone. Vote By Mail Should be highly scrutinized and limited.


8.       a8 – Add Phone & Email check for Telephone Requests – ABSOLUTELY YES!


9.       a9 – Early Voting – ABSOLUTELY NO!  We need to limit and ultimately eliminate early voting and have a single election day with a holiday.


10.   a10 – Canvassing Mail Ballots – ABSOLUTELY NO!  This would extend the time the SOEs have to evaluate mail-in ballots. This has both a cost and security impact. Ballots should be counted on election day.


11.   a11 – Election Day Holiday – ABSOLUTELY YES!


12.   a12 – Remove Felony & Non-Citizen 3rd Party Rep – ABSOLUTELY NO!  The fines and restrictions for having felons and non-citizens should be kept on 3rd Party Registrants. Just like companies need to do background checks on HR Employees, we should allow felons and illegal immigrants access to private citizen data.


13.   a13 – Campaign Finance Reporting – ABSOLUTELY NO!  This adds extra costs and complexity for candidates that in the cases like school boards and town councils may be very low-budget campaigns.


14.   a14 – Repeal Elections Crime Office – ABSOLUTELY YES! Unfortunately, they have done little to nothing about election crimes. This budget can be added to state law enforcement to add a unit under existing agencies.


15.   a15 – Same Day Voter Registrations – ABSOLUTELY NO! We cannot allow same-day registration and voting since we have a huge issue with floods of last-minute applications now that the SOEs fail to properly vet.


State Affairs Committee Members:


Chair: Lawrence McClure                      (850) 717-5068


Vice Chair: Michael A. “Mike” Caruso             (850) 717-5087


Alex Rizo                                                 (850) 717-5112


Dean Black                                              (850) 717-5015


James Buchanan                                    (850) 717-5074


Demi Busatta Cabrera                            (850) 717-5114


Juan Alfonso Fernandez-Barquin             (850) 717-5118


Philip Wayne “Griff” Griffitts, Jr.         (850) 717-5006


Jeff Holcomb                                           (850) 717-5053


James Vernon “Jim” Mooney, Jr.         (850) 717-5120


Jenna Persons-Mulicka                          (850) 717-5078


Juan Carlos Porras                                (850) 717-5119


Spencer Roach                                       (850) 717-5076


Rick Roth                                                 (850) 717-5094                                        


John Paul Temple                                   (850) 717-5052