Food is Life Protect you and yours with a “Preparation Garden”

by Kat Stansell

In our last two major wars, those on the home front planted Victory Gardens. It was a way of showing patriotism, raising morale, and guarding against food shortages. America’s agricultural production in WW’s I and II, was actually a real national strength as our boys were taken from the fields to war, and our farms became battlefields. Our back yard, municipal parks and school grounds became bountiful gardens. It became a national effort that made a huge impact on the lives of our progenitors.

Today, we are in a different war, but make no mistake, we ARE in war, against the forces who are sinking our ship of state. Our youth

are being compromised and weakened, and are just as absent from the fight as were our soldiers of previous generations, who’d been sent to foreign lands. Our farms have become 21st century battlefields, as they are purchased and put out of commission by our enemies. Our poultry and livestock have been under attack since the Coup, and our food processing facilities destroyed.

Here are facts from an article I wrote over a year ago, with additional information. gonna-real-due-policies/ threatened-by-suspicious-fires (my piece)

A Feb. 14, 2023 update shows over 100 destructive attacks on our food system, now worldwide. us-food-factory-plants-destroyed-2021-to-present/

Of course, the “fact chuckers”, like Snopes, Reuters, Wikipedia and the like, will deny, deny, deny. That is what they’re paid to do. Those of us who report facts are the “conspiracy theorists”, and the rest of the world’s population are the “useless eaters”, so dubbed by those on the depopulation train.

Those of you in Florida are lucky to have the FRA take you on a field trip this coming Saturday, May 13, to “Food Forest”, St. Cloud, FL. Learn to transform your lawn into a food forest. Never mow again and feed your family regardless of what is – or is not – on the grocery shelves in the months to come.

Join in by texting and following the instructions above.