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United We Stand

 The Florida Republican Assembly is a Judeo-Christian Grassroots Organization committed to restoring the Republican Party to it’s founding principles.

Ronald Reagan called the Republican Assemblies the “Conscience of the Republican Party.” Watch the short video below to learn more about our history.

What we do

Florida has become a beacon for freedom for the rest of the country over the last few years. And that is direct result of the people who call Florida home.

The Florida Republican Assembly is on a mission to unite Floridians across this great state and bring forward their wisdom and talents to make a difference at the local, state and national levels.

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Our Leadership Team

As a bottom-up, grassroots organization, FRA encourages local leaders to come forward.

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Peter Kouracos
Peter Kouracos
President, Florida Republican Assembly
Lou Marin
Lou Marin
Executive Vice President, Florida Republican Assembly, Chapter President, Orange County
Chuck Collins
Southeast Vice President, Chapter President, Republican Conservatives Ormond Beach Assembly (RCOBA)
Garry Hinson aka Spock
Chapter President, Birthplace of Speed Republican Assembly
Pastor Eric Allen
Pastor Eric Allen
Chapter President, Central Florida Republican Assembly
Lewis Nighswonger
Chapter President, Republican Assembly of West Volusia
Mike McElroy
Mike McElroy
Chapter President, Flagler Trump Republican Assembly
Angelica McKinney
Angelica McKinney
Chapter President, Osceola County Conservative Republican Assembly
Bryan Kenady
Chapter President, Republican Assembly Sumter County
Jane Justice
Chapter President, Republican Assembly Palm Beach County
Richard Carlins
Chapter President, Republican Assembly Lake County
Jeanne Laurine
Jeanne Laurine
Chapter President, Southwest Volusia County Republican Assembly
Robin Lumb
Chapter President, Duval County Republican Assembly
Gary Crews
Chapter Outreach State Vice President
Conni Brunni
Chapter President, Sarasota County Republican Assembly
Chapter President, Manatee County Republican Assembly
Ryan Allen
Chapter President, Seminole County
Kevin Jeffrey
President, Brevard County Republican Assembly
Chapter President, Baker County Republican Assembly
DR. Jeffery Mueller
FRA Vice President, Medical & Healthcare
FRA Vice President, Veterans Outreach
Kris Jurski
Kris Jurski
Voter Integrity State Vice President
Whistleblower State Chair Vice President
David Walsh
Energy State Chair Vice President
Mary Flynn O’Neill
Anti-Human Trafficking Chair, Advisor, and Vice President