SOe’s push to Violate 1st Amendment Rights

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February 7, 2024


Please understand the difference between “God Given” and “Government Given.” They wrote UNALIENABLE RIGHTS because no government could EVER strip you of these rights.

Well, Florida HB 721 wants to strip you of that right by giving Supervisors of Elections and possibly political operatives working as poll workers the right to have you arrested on the spot for what they deem as “harassment.”

Don’t believe me? Listen to Lake County SOE, Alan Hays testify about it in Talhasee on Feb 5, 2024.

Hays said, “If that clerk is telling that poll watcher to sit down over there, leave that person alone…that sort of thing. It’s unfortunate that some adults behave this way. But they do. It is absolutely imperative that that clerk of that polling place is THE FINAL WORD.”

That is all you need to know about it to understand this bill is a direct threat to our Constitutional, God-given right to redress our government.

Florida has harassment laws that cover ALL CITIZENS equally. If someone was harassing an election worker, the police would be called, and as the neutral party they are hired to be, will assess both sides of the story, and THE POLICE make the FINAL CALL.

However, what Hays and a handful of Florida Supervisors of Elections want is extra privileges that would grant them OVER the police where they can simply accuse someone of being harassing and the police simply have to carry out the arrest. And it is now on you to prove your innocence after you have been hauled off by police.

I don’t think it is a coincidence Lake County Alan Hays, Leon County Mark Early, and Palm Beach County Wendy Sartory Link were all in Tallahassee pushing to get this horrible bill to pass. All of them are currently embroiled in accusations of corruption and if you listen directly to their testimonies, they plan on using this law to intimidate and silence any citizens from trying to monitor their office’s actions.

Here is Leon County Mark Early talking about people calling him and saying he is “not doing my job.” He considers that harassment.

If SOE Earley was truly afraid for his or his staff’s safety, why didn’t he call the Sheriff’s Office and have any of the callers investigated?


That is because, by in large, the people looking into election integrity are God-fearing, Constitutionalists who are professionals in their areas of expertise. They are just exercising their rights to know if their local and state officials are following the laws we have on the books.

Strangely, after listening to the Senators vs the Supervisors of Elections, I don’t think they were even listening to each other about what the bill would cover. The Senators assumed this would only be used during elections at polling centers, but if you heard Earley in the video above and Link in this video, you will see they want to use this law ALL YEAR LONG.

Again, if you listen to the Supervisor of Elections testimony in this hearing nothing arises to the level of harrassment if they were to call and tell these exact happening to a law enforcement officer. Citizens can monitor and film election workers in public places. They are public servants.

But if this law passes, not only will Supervisor Elections have the authority to shut down any questioning, but they can call the Sheriff and have you arrested at your home in front of your family. And because Florida has red flag laws, your home could be ripped apart while being searched for legal weapons.

This could easily spiral into a situation where you are sitting in a prison cell trying to figure out how you will get a constitutional attorney to fight your case. And when you eventually do win your constitutional case, the Florida taxpayer will have to pay for all this madness.

Please help avoid this attack on the 1st Amendment and make sure we have the continued ability to monitor our elections in Florida.

Please call your FL Reps and Senators and tell them you are opposed to the “Harassment of Election Workers” bill in ANY FORM.